Land degradation is a slow process driven by both natural and human determinants. The identification of the problem in early stage provides sufficient time to policy makers to intervene by implementing low cost policies. Driven by The European Thematic Strategy for Soil Protection, national and regional soil monitoring networks are being designed or have recently been created across Europe. The requirements of the monitoring networks are diverse. Monitoring information is needed to help policy-makers understand the current state of the environment, how it is changing, and to understand the pressures placed upon it. Information from monitoring is required to assess whether national and international laws and agreements for protecting the environment are met. Additionally, monitoring information will also support the development and implementation of future soil and environmental policy and management guidance by providing evidence on the state of soils

A web based application SMS (Soil Monitoring Software) has been developed by CRA-ABP. The application supports all critical functions required for soil monitoring and management, based on the soil monitoring methodology developed by CRA-ABP.
The use of Information Technology and the web environment renders the aforementioned methodology fully operational at the level of Local and Regional Authorities (LRAs). In order to provide effective user support services, CRA-ABP produced an user’s manual and tutorials which contains information and instructions for the use of the realized application.